Lucia St. Clair Robson, historical novelist

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Lucia's email:

Lucia St. Clair Robson, historical novelist. Photo by Doug Coulson
"Few novelists working now have a better grasp of early American history than Robson ...Wholly believable, confidently realized, attention-holding historical fiction."  
-- Kirkus Reviews of Shadow Patriots: A Novel of the Revolution 

Audio editions of Ride the Wind and Walk in My Soul, volumes 1 and 2, and Brian Daley's Doomfarers of Coramonde are available on CD and as a download from Books in Motion.  and at 

If you're on Facebook, check out Lucia's friends' page under Lucia Robson, and the fan page under Lucia St. Clair Robson.

Western literature lost one of its best when Elmer Kelton died August 22, 2009.  A link to a video of Lucia & Elmer at the 2006 Book fest in DC. 

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Brian Daley's website

New on the website: recordings and a video of Brian. 

Five of Brian's novels, Doomfarers, Starfollowers, Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds, Jinx on a Terran Inheritance, and Fall of the White Ship Avatar are back in print and available at


See Lucia's bio that's not on book jackets for some tales of her Peace Corps adventures along with photos.


Blue arrow-right Now for something entirely different—a new  contemporary novel by Lucia. Devilish is a study of a neighborhood, the occult, a mystery, love lost & found, and septic tanks.

Blue arrow-right All of Lucia's books are now available as ebooks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Twelve of Brian's titles are also ebooks. They include the four books in the Black Hole Travel Agency series written by Brian and his fellow Star Wars author, James Luceno. The four books in Brian's GammaLAW series, published posthumously, are also included. (For German speakers, the Deutsch translations of seven of Lucia's novels are on Kindle).

Blue arrow-rightBlue arrow-right Lucia's friend, videographer Keith Murphy, has posted four short videos on youtube.  In them she talks about writing, history, writing about history, her dead and imaginary friends, and the strange quirk of fate that turned her into a writer. For video #3  Click here: My dead and imaginary friends. - YouTube  The others can be found near it.

Blue arrow-right The 50th anniversary Twilight Zone Anthology, which includes a short story by Lucia is out of print. (the story, "A Chance of a Ghost," is based on the real event of a woman putting her father's ghost up for sale on e-bay). If you'd like to purchase a signed copy from Lucia, e-mail her at  A review is posted here.

Blue arrow-right Western Writers of America named Last Train from Cuernavaca  winner of the 2011 Spur Award for Best Western Long Novel. Postcards from Cuernavaca provide images matched with quotes from Last Train.

Blue arrow-right Marc Steiner aired a lengthy interview with Lucia that can be heard on-line. Thank you, Marc!  Click here:  The Marc Steiner Show

"Powerful writer, uncompromising historical novelist, great researcher."
  --Award-winning Western author, Johnny D. Boggs 

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Lucia's official bio:
(But Click here for one that won't 
be found on any book jacket.)

Lucia was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in South Florida.  She has been a Peace Corps volunteer in Venezuela and a teacher in Brooklyn, New York.  She has also lived in Japan, South Carolina and southern Arizona.  After earning her master's degree in Library Science at Florida State University, she worked as a public librarian in Annapolis, Maryland.  She now lives near Annapolis.  The Western Writers of America awarded her first book, Ride the Wind, the Spur Award for best historical western of 1982; it also made the New York Times Best Seller List and was included in the 100 best westerns of the 20th century.  Since then she has written  Walk in My Soul, Light a Distant Fire, The Tokaido Road, Mary's LandFearless, Ghost Warrior: Lozen of the Apaches (finalist for the 2003 Spur award), and Shadow Patriots, a Novel of the Revolution. Western Writers of America awarded her latest novel, Last Train from Cuernavaca, the 2011 Spur for Best Western Long Novel.

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"Thank you so much for talking with our book club today (via speaker phone).  I can't tell you how much it meant to all of us.   This is the first time we have had an author interact with us and your insight into this wonderful story (Tokaido Road ) was greatly appreciated." 
        --A California book club

Note:  Love and passion are certainly found in Lucia's stories, but most of them aren't for the squeamish.  As reader/author Gayle Pruitt wrote in an e-mail, "Just wanted to say thank you for the many hours of education and bloody entertainment your books provide.  I enjoy them immensely."

 "Robson's period details are vivid: one can almost feel the hot brass of the cannon and the hunger of the poor Mexicans and smell the Army mules and their drivers. Sarah herself has no mean gift for daily conversation and lyrical expression. With its tough-and-tender Amazon lifted from the history books, this tall tale towers in appeal and skill over most western historicals." --Publishers Weekly on Fearless)

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