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Coincidence? You Be the Judge

            Several years ago I decided to stop at the McDonald’s in the Annapolis  district called Parole (a name which, given the resulting Devilish plot line, is a coincidence in itself).  As I was savoring the egg-and-cheese McMuffin, two guys got into an argument...

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Florence St. Clair Savage, aka Gram

This is/was my grandmother, born 1894, died 1974.  While researching Tiana Rogers’ story for Walk in My Soul, I learned that among the Cherokee people, “Grandmother” was a respectful way to address a woman.  They even referred to the sun as "Grandmother."  In one of...

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Alligator Allegories

Light a Distant Fire is set in my home state of Florida.  Writing the story of Osceola gave me a chance to learn more about my favorite reptile, the alligator.  While driving around the state doing research, I also heard stories of people’s encounters with them. An...

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Making Scents of History

             When one stops to think about it, writing and reading are preposterous endeavors.   With straight lines of rune-like ink squiggles, the writer creates landscapes, events, emotions, and personalities.  Readers who most likely have never met the...

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