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Mary’s Land

Mary’s Land is a truly American novel of dreams and courage. As the ship Charity sails from England across the Atlantic, two vastly different yet equally courageous women make the perilous journey. Strong-willed, upper-class Margaret Brent has decided to make better use of her dowry than to hand it over to some doddering squire. She has invested in Lord Baltimore’s Maryland plantation, because the new colony is her single chance for a home of her own and the right to practice openly her Catholic religion.

Anicah is a teenage guttersnipe who lives by her wits and quick tongue. Kidnapped off the streets of Bristol, she is transported to the New World and indentured to Samuel Smythe, a local tavern keeper.

For Margaret and Anicah, the future is different from any they might have imagined…

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“Richly detailed, first-rate tale… Memorable characters, scenes, and lilting dialogue; a stylish, superior historical.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Brims with authentic detail and dialect.”

Publishers Weekly


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