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Cooking up a devilish story

        Meet my late, great next-door neighbor, Noni, on the far left, back row.   She fit this description of Faye, on page 20 of Devilish.       "Faye believed in seers and psychics, alien abductions and etheric forces.  She channeled a third century sage named...

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The Barefoot Artist

Twenty-five years ago I met the Barefoot Artist, Guy Labree, and his wife Pat at an outdoor exhibit of Seminole crafts, needlework, and art in Naples, Florida.  Guy was a third generation Floridian.  When he was a youngster, his Seminole friends would invite him to...

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Three Knights In Denim Armor

Three knights in denim armor. The guy in the middle is Owen Lock, the DelRey editor who persuaded his new writer, Brian Daley, to leave New Jersey and attend Balticon 13 in Baltimore in 1979. As a result, my life took off in a direction I never could have imagined. On...

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Sarah Bowman: Heroine Of Fearless

While in California I went to the Presidio in San Francisco to visit the grave of Sarah Bowman, the heroine of my novel, Fearless.  Sarah was known as The Great Western.  Some wag said she was so tall you had to hug her in installments, and she had enough "sand" for a...

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