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Cliffs of the Severn is a peaceful haven of narrow streets, tall trees, and water views, a perfect setting for a writer like Alice. Then, one of her friends decides to call up an incubus, a male sexual demon. Alice arrives too late to stop the ritual, but just in time to be affected by the infernal forces that have been summoned. Homicide Detective, Nick Shea, also considers the Cliffs a quiet neighborhood, until two dead eagles and a human heart in a take-out carton are found in an unfinished septic tank pit.


Reader Reviews

I’ve read hundreds of Murder Mysteries, Detective, and Paranormal novels. But I have never read anything quite like Lucia St. Clair Robson’s “Devilish”. It’s a treasure trove of weirdness and on every page a nugget of crazy. If you like your novels to have mystery, a demon or two with more than a dash of sex and fantastic dialogue then you will truly love “Devilish”. It is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long while!!

Gayle Pruitt

What a fun, fantastic read. In a break from her normal historical fiction Lucia gives us a taste of her talent in a totally new genre. get it, read it share it.

Hallock Martin

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