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Lucia At Rockmart

With Mrs. Lindsey’s AP English class
at Rockmart High School in Rockmart, GA.

Lucia’s in the middle of Mrs. Lindsey’s AP English class at Rockmart High School in Rockmart, GA. These kids read Ride the Wind as part of their curriculum. (This is one of Lucia’s favorite pictures.)

Lucia In Mirror With Toucan

Lucia In Mirror With Toucan

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“I just finished reading Shadow Patriots and I can hardly tell you how impressed I am! I… have spent the last 40 years living in Setauket. I am an active member of the Three Villages Historical Society and on occasion I have dressed as one of your characters when we do reenactments and our annual cemetery tour. I think it is amazing that in your exciting work of fiction you have been able to include so many of our local historical facts. Thank you for a wonderful story, a good read, and your accurate research!”

Sincerely, Morton Rosen


NPR has posted Lucia’s “This I believe” essay on their website: Click here: My Little Black Book Is Where I Find Myself « Lucia | This I Believe

Also: A friend asked Lucia how she does re-writes. Here’s what she told him:

Re-writes: I print out the rough draft as I finish each chapter and I stack them up. Then as I find more info or get a better idea I clip the notecard or scrap of paper onto that chapter. Sometimes I just throw them on top if I don’t know where to put them. By the end of the first run-through I might have a couple hundred cards in no order piled on top of the ms.

When it’s time to make the second pass I lay out all the chapters on the floor and try to put each card or scrap of paper where it belongs. For this book, Last Train to Cuernavaca

More on rewriting.

Tokaido Road started here:

Tearooms Garden

Tearooms Garden

At the Nakatsu family’s tea house in Iwakuni, Japan where Lucia lived in 1970. (The two daughters are Shizue on left and Atsuko.)

About Lucia in Japan

Lucia is still practicing library science as a novelist, because of the amount of research required to produce a plausible reality in the past.


In December, 2010, True West Magazine named Lucia as Best Living Fiction Writer

“With her greatest achievement to date, Last Train from Cuernavaca, … Lucia St. Clair Robson once again proves a master in prose, description, character development and authenticity. Look for more from this powerful writer.” ~ Best of the West 2010

Also, read the profile published by True West Magazine for another take on the West and more.



[On right]5-year old Lucia in her cowgirl outfit.She grew up in the West –West Palm Beach Florida, that is.Texas Connection: Lucia’s western books and their characters have waltzed across Texas with great frequency. For her take on Texas, read “The Wraith Riding Shotgun,” excerpted from the anthology, Forever Texas.

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